Restaurant equipment

Equipment for restaurant – how to start?

The gastronomic equipment plays a key role in influencing the quality, type and exposition of the dishes served by a given restaurant. With the right choice of chef, this creates a golden mean for the catering business. That is why the equipment of a catering establishment requires complementary knowledge, experience and proven systems that we offer you.

Equipment for catering cannot be completed in isolation from the nature of the premises. It will be different in the case of restaurants, different in cafes, different in pizzerias and fast food bars. Every owner of a company in the catering sector should be perfectly aware of the specificity of his premises. While browsing our offer, you can find catering equipment tailored to each type of activity. A wide range of products will not only allow you to select solutions for your premises, but also by different parameters and size allows you to choose them in terms of available space.

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How to equip a restaurant with what?

The equipment of a catering kitchen in a pizzeria should start with the selection of a suitable oven, which will enable efficient preparation of more cakes. There must also be a cooling table on which the pizza will be prepared and the dough may be left to rest. Fast food equipment is often complemented by heating showcases with food or hot dog toasters. If the restaurant is to have a rich menu, a combi steamer will be useful, which will allow you to prepare different dishes at the same time, the ingredients of which will retain all the nutrients.

The equipment of a gastronomic local such as a bakery requires the purchase of a cooling display case, which will also guarantee the proper storage of food, but also the exposure of colorful desserts. Therefore, it is easy to notice that each time the approach to the required equipment is different. Some of them make up the basic equipment of the gastronomy in every issue, others are recommended for some branches.

Cooperation with professionals

We are aware of the fact that gastronomy equipment, i.e. all the equipment, appliances and furniture that will be placed in the premises, but which in fact will have a significant impact on the success of the project, is a real challenge. Their selection requires a lot of time, energy and money.

This is why we invite you to contact our company with all those for whom catering equipment is important. We have extensive knowledge of the gastronomic industry and long experience, therefore we provide professional advice. Thanks to cooperation with us, the client, who has to find the equipment of a catering establishment, will buy only what  really needs.

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Functionality and aesthetics

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High quality assortment

One of the most demanding industries is gastronomy, the equipment of every place must be in compliance with the rules of hygiene and sanitary regulations. That is why our products are made of high quality materials that are easy to keep clean. Their execution is aesthetic, so their use will encourage, not repel guests. The catering equipment includes both what is in the kitchen and what the customer sees. In the first case, it is important that the equipment and furniture allow for proper storage and preparation of dishes, while guaranteeing ergonomic work.

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Modern design

If we take into account what the customer sees, the gastronomic equipment must focus primarily on the visual aspects. Our products are designed and constructed to meet all these requirements to the highest degree. Thanks to the use of our products, the owner can be sure that he has the ideal equipment for the specific business, and the rest depends on the culinary skills of the people who will prepare the food.

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