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Everyone who plans to open their own restaurant has to face many challenges. One of the most important activities is the equipment of the restaurant. The costs are incomparably higher than in restaurants that don’t have an extensive menu or have fast food. Often, the right equipment is what encourages guests to visit the restaurant. What is important is how the kitchen is organised and the decor in the room. The greater the attention to detail, the better the effect and the greater the guarantee of success.

Guarantee of reliability

What is the equipment of a restaurant kitchen translates into the quality of the food served and the speed of serving. This will be reflected in the level of satisfaction of guests with services. As a manufacturer of high-class solutions for gastronomy, we have prepared a range of appliances and furniture, which are indispensable in every good restaurant. Equipping the kitchen in the restaurant with our products will guarantee efficient and ergonomic work. The ingredients of the dishes will be properly stored and prepared. Most of the guests visiting the restaurant expect efficient service and food that will be worth its price, and the kitchen must face up to the challenge.

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zastawa baruEfficiently served meals

If the owner relies on restaurant equipment that includes devices such as a microwave, the food will lose a lot, both in terms of taste and smell. Nutritional value will also be reduced, and food may look unappetizing and dry. A similar failure can result in frequent deep-fat frying. These mistakes can be avoided! If the restaurant kitchen is supplemented with a combi steamer, the food will not only be fat-free, but will also retain its nutrients and be moist enough. Thanks to the special design, different dishes can be prepared at the same time and their smells will not mix.

blat ze stali nierdzewnejHygiene and selection of kitchen equipment in the restaurant

Restaurant kitchen equipment cannot do without such equipment as a cooling table, where individual dishes can be prepared and semi-finished products can wait for use in optimal conditions. Our refrigerator table is designed to provide the cook with ergonomics when preparing food. Our offer also includes other refrigeration equipment, such as a refrigerator or freezer cabinet. The restaurant equipment that we offer to our customers is designed to make the use of each element comfortable.

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We are aware that when a room is full of guests, the most important thing is to serve meals quickly. This is possible with our appliances. In addition, they are all manufactured using stainless steel and other good materials that guarantee that the kitchen equipment in the restaurant will be durable and resistant to mechanical damage. Thanks to the fact that these appliances are simple to maintain cleanliness, meals will be prepared in accordance with the most rigorous hygiene rules.

witryna ekspozycjyna instanco - realizacjaShould I equip my restaurant kitchen with display units?


Restaurant equipment should take into account what kind of meals will be prepared in the restaurant. On this basis, it will be possible to organize a place for storing products and semi-finished products in the kitchen. Another thing you should pay attention to is whether the food should be displayed so that the customer can see it. If it is to be visible, it is worth taking into account that the restaurant equipment should also include catering windows, which, through the proper arrangement of products and their lighting, will stimulate taste buds.

Since restaurant equipment is a big challenge, we invite you to take advantage of our consultations before placing an order to make sure that the selected products work best in a given case. This applies both to the size and other parameters, such as performance or power. We want the restaurant equipment purchased from us to become a source of profits, and not a source of reproach associated with inadequate choice.

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