Food truck equipment

Food truck equipment

Food Trucks have been gaining popularity all over the world for a long time. Also in Poland we can observe how quickly the interest of both consumers and investors is growing. There are more and more modern, stylish, intimate and climatic Food Trucks serving delicious, more or less sophisticated dishes.

A good plan for success in gastronomy!

The strength with which this form of business has entered our market is striking. With each month of gaining more and more popularity Food Trucks have become an important element of the catering industry. We can find them literally everywhere, if only because they do not require a specially prepared area to start selling – just a parking lot near a shopping center, a square in the city center or a place near the beach at the lake. The variety of flavors tempting their customers is huge, limited only by the imagination of the owners. From hamburgers, through hot dogs, pizzas, pancakes, ice cream, healthy cakes to steaks, Chinese cuisine, burrito and even sushi. The second step right after the idea of the form of business and menu is to choose the right equipment that will meet the requirements of customers, and will prove sufficient to create dishes from the card. In this case, two factors are important: speed and quality. Both these requirements are met by devices designed and manufactured by Instanco. Selected individually according to demand, they become an important element of the puzzle on the way to the final success.

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Food Truck – a business on wheels at full speed

Our old idea of a „car with food” was heading towards an old truck where everything was dripping with fat. Today we are far from such a vision. The Food Truck business has become a kind of art of expressing tastes. A dedicated menu of each Food Truck makes it necessary to equip this small space with the necessary equipment. Thanks to an appropriate, individual design, we are able to use every centimetre of space to ensure not only the ergonomics of everyday use and functioning, but also to select devices in such a way that the dishes prepared with their use meet the strictest requirements. If you want to serve amazing burgers, we will equip your Food Truck with a fat-free electric plate that can be placed on a steel table. For this you’ll need a barbecue contact plus a mini salad counter and you can already serve healthy and high quality burgers.

How to open a Food Truck?

Which direction the business will go in depends only on the imagination of its creator. Instanco is there to implement this project and give it a much better chance of success. It should be remembered that in the case of gastronomy – no matter how large or small, medium or large – the quality of cooking equipment directly translates into the quality of the dishes served.

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