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Fast food equipment - recommended products

Fast Food restaurants are definitely a specific segment of the market, which differs from traditional restaurants, cafes and pizzerias. The differences result not only from the form of serving dishes, but also from the equipment of such „restaurants”. Depending on the menu the customer wishes to serve in his business, it is necessary to choose the right equipment that will allow for effective preparation and ergonomic use of the space.

Healthy Fast Food – hit or nonsense?

Trends in gastronomy change very quickly. An additional factor influencing the dynamism of this situation is the „hustle and bustle” and the pace of life. People have less and less time to stop and eat in peace. More and more often they reach for express snacks or full dishes. Today Fast Food is not only associated with unhealthy food, it is increasingly synonymous with good quality food prepared from the highest quality products. In order to dethrone the competition, it is necessary to have not only an appropriate menu that will satisfy the customers, but also optimally selected equipment that will meet their expectations. A healthy dish is also a high quality device that is used to prepare it. We can use combi steamers, which in the express mode are able to heat and bake the healthiest dishes. They take up little space and can be perfectly matched to the space in which they will be located. It is also a salad and sandwich counter, which ensures freshness of products used to prepare sandwiches on site for the customer. Finally, there are cooled countertops or Ice Tapaniaki, which provide the right cooling temperature.

zdrowy fast food - burger z krewetkami

Disenchanted gastronomy segment

After years of fat dripping, Fast Food was „disenchanted”. Today, it is definitely associated with other forms of preparation and serving of meals, which are heading towards healthy kitchen. It is a place for healthy and tasty snacks and full dishes that have won the palates of consumers all over the world and provide their bodies with the nutrients they need. The wide variety of menus suggests not only development in the right direction, but also the need for proper planning of the process of creating the premises – from design, through execution, to the supply of equipment and necessary equipment. Instanco is there to support investors or owners with expert knowledge, experience and innovative solutions at every stage of the process.

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