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Pizzeria equipment – put quality first!

Everyone who dreams of having their own pizzeria, before opening it, should know what the basic equipment of the pizzeria is and what to pay attention to when buying it. Even the best chef will not prepare a pizza identical to an Italian treat if he does not have the right equipment at his disposal. When deciding to open a restaurant, the owner wants it to be profitable and often visited by guests. Good pizza equipment may turn out to be something that will be one of the factors determining success in this business.

We are a manufacturer of high quality equipment and gastronomic furniture, therefore, deciding to cooperate with us, the customer has a guarantee that the pizzeria equipment in our equipment is an investment in the future of the restaurant. Our products have a positive opinion and are used in many gastronomic objects. Pizza has been very popular for years, and chefs can often surprise with the choice of ingredients. However, even a recipe for an ideal pizza will be insufficient if the equipment at the chef’s disposal is of poor quality. So what is the basic equipment of a pizza place?


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Elements of pizza equipment

Which oven should I choose?

Undoubtedly, the basic element that makes up the pizzeria equipment is a professional pizza oven. It is thanks to it that hand-made pizza can gain crispness and taste, which you can forget about in the case of home-made or frozen pizza. If you specify the amount of pizza you want to bake and sell each day, you can buy the oven that best suits your needs. The pizza parlour is also equipped with a spiral mixer, which will make it possible to obtain a thicker dough than if it were made by hand. It is worth taking this opportunity to make sure that the person making the pizza has enough space to work, so that nothing interferes with or restricts the movements.

Professional tables and countertops

In addition, there is a cooling table on which the dough and rollers can rest, which will allow you to form perfect pieces. The equipment of the pizzeria must also include all kinds of utensils: boards, grabs, plates, pizza and sauce containers or brushes for cleaning the oven. Supplementing your premises with professional pizza equipment is a guarantee of excellent ergonomics of work and economy. Work during the production of pizza will go smoothly, and the baking itself will be delicious. What is more likely to encourage guests to visit this pizza place than fast and tasty food?

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