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Petrol station equipment - recommended products

Do you want to increase sales at your petrol station? The Coffe & Snack gastronomic concept will be a good choice. Coffee and Hot-Dog is one of the most popular sets. We meet all the owners of petrol stations with a concept that allows you to prepare both at the same time, at the same time, on one stand. The elements of the concept are of course: an automatic, self-service coffee maker, a roller grill, a grill contact located on a pull-out shelf under the top and a cooling module with two cooling drawers and a glass extension. Additional equipment of the concept are cup dispensers and accessories, as well as a tilting flap with a waste container.

Gas station gastronomy isn’t just about coffee and hot dogs

It all starts with these two simple snacks, but it’s time to go one step or two further. At larger petrol stations – not only in chains – small bistro corners, where we can buy and consume dishes prepared from semi-finished products – hot and cold – are perfect. More and more often salads and tasty sandwiches are also available. Moreover, we can also tempt ourselves to something sweet in the form of cakes, yeast or muffins. The development in this direction obliges the owners to expand their catering facilities with new equipment. In such cases, refrigerated, neutral or heating showcases, as well as combi steamers, where semi-finished products are baked, are perfect. They ensure an appropriate high standard of served dishes at each of the network petrol stations. The customer associates a given station with a specific snack that can be consumed on the spot.

hot dog na stacji benzynowej

wyposażenie stacji benzynowej

Where are we going?

The direction in which the development of petrol stations in the area of served gastronomy will be heading will depend on two factors: demand from customers and menu. In the near future, we can look forward to a sophisticated menu – a popular pork chop or various types of pasta, or even steaks. This is connected with an additional purchase of equipment that will allow for proper preparation of meals, as well as their storage. Refrigeration and freezing equipment may prove to be irreplaceable – in the near future – at each of the stations.

How to arrange a restaurant at a petrol station?

This task does not differ significantly from the desire to open a bigger or smaller restaurant. Determining the conditions of premises, developing a menu and preparing a project of catering facilities are the foundations that will allow to create a perfectly matched place at each of the stations. In our offer you will find not only the equipment dedicated to the equipment of a restaurant, café or bar, but also a number of solutions that will work perfectly in the space of the station – as mentioned above. In addition, built-in devices will make the whole prepared project look coherent and aesthetic. Maximum use of the available space will affect the ergonomics of work and the speed of preparation of individual dishes.

Functionality and aesthetics – High quality assortment

One of the most demanding industries is gastronomy. The equipment of every restaurant must be in compliance with the rules of hygiene and sanitary regulations. That is why our products are made of high quality materials that are easy to keep clean. The workmanship is aesthetic, so their use will encourage and not repel guests. The catering equipment includes both what is in the kitchen and what the customer sees. In the first case, it is important that the equipment and furniture allow for proper storage and preparation of dishes, while guaranteeing ergonomic work of the entire staff.

Modern design of catering equipment

If we take into account what the customer sees, the catering equipment must focus primarily on the visual aspects. Our products are designed and constructed to meet all these requirements to the highest degree. Thanks to the use of our products, the owner can be sure that he has the ideal equipment for the specific business, and the rest depends on the culinary skills of the people who will prepare the food.

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