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Product description

The Eikon range of cookers endures all limitations. Whether you’re preparing frozen products or cooking in a restaurant, the new Eikon ovens are perfect for cooking everything quickly and easily. Fast cooking, combining three heating technologies (hot air, microwave, convection, microwave and hot air). Transfer data from the USB memory stick to 1,024 cooking profiles. Built-in diagnostic module. Stainless steel construction. Space for accessories on top of the stove. Fits on 600 mm worktop. Outlet opening at the rear of the unit. User-defined temperature range. Best in class energy efficiency (0.7 kWh in standby mode).


Dimension: 620 x 356 x 595 mm
Power: 3.68-6.0 kW
Voltage: 230-400 V
Weight: 60,7-70,4 kg

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