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Product description

The cube machine  is made of high grade stainless steel.Model with built-in subcooling system. Manufactured according to the most advanced technology on the market, characterized by exceptional versatility. It is responsible for the production of flat ice flakes using a vertical evaporator – the water is then cooled and frozen.The flat ice flakes are 1,5 mm thick and have a temperature in the range of -5 °C to -7 °C.The ice cube produced in this way is very dry, ideal for the food industry as well as for the storage of products.


External dimensions [mm]: 1100 x 640 x 890
Height adjustment [mm]: 0-30
Maximum depth [mm]: –
Production of ice cubes within 24 hours [kg]: 1000
Number of cubes in the cycle [pcs.]: x
Capacity [kg]: separate container
Cooling system: air cooling
Control system: electronic
Voltage [V]: 230V 50 Hz
Power consumption [W]: 4300
Type of refrigerant: R404A
Weight [kg]: 231