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Product  description

Hooded dishwasher with very high efficiency. Ideally suited for medium and large gastronomy. Spanish production. Made of top quality components. It is a separate piece of equipment for each kitchen. Opens „upwards” which definitely makes it easier to put in and take out baskets with dishes. The cycle of washing is only 2 minutes. It allows you to wash from 640 to 960 dishes within one hour of work. Analogue navigation of the washing system.


External dimensions [mm]: 775 x 850 x 1440
Productivity per hour (glasses/plates): – / 640/960
Cage dimensions [mm]: 500 x 500
Usable height [mm]: 400
Total power [kW]: 7.5
Boiler heater [kW]: 6
Tank heater power [kW]: 6
Washing pump output [kW]: 1.5
Water consumption per cycle [L]: 2,4/2,6
Voltage [V]: 400 V / | / 50-60 Hz 230 V / | / 50-60 Hz
Weight [KG]: 125

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