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Product description

Island concept, designed to be launched in shopping centers as an exhibition service island located in the passageways. The main idea of the concept is to display and release any product. The concept has a wide range of exposition possibilities – products can be exhibited both in glass, refrigerated or neutral display cases with LED lighting, as well as under neutral glass covers. The height of glass covers can be selected individually, due to the size of the exposed product. Neutral cabinets have been placed under the tops, which can be partially replaced with cooling or freezing bases – constituting a storage buffer for semi-finished products. The large amount of work space on the tops allows for setting up additional devices, shielded from the consumer’s side by tempered glass.

Advantages of the concept

  • Free configuration of the concept based on investment requirements and sales plan
  • High quality of the components used
  • Multifunctionality and universality of the concept
  • The possibility of individual selection of the size of the island
  • Product presentation and fast service concept
  • Stainless steel as the main structural material
  • Possibility of making countertops and building in a wide range of materials

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