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Product description

This concept is recommended for live cooking areas, where the main goal is to open the kitchen and place the heat treatment on the front of the counter, thus giving evidence of hygiene and freshness of the dishes served. The module is recommended, among others, to owners of petrol stations with an extensive gastronomic offer. Equipped with a grill hob and pancake maker, which can be easily replaced by another heating device. The devices allow you to prepare a variety of products on one stand. One of the main features of the module is a front glass connecting the hood with the devices, which prevents odors from escaping to the consumer service area. This is especially important in places such as petrol stations. Another element of the concept is a salad counter, on which you can prepare both sandwiches and salads. Complete with a hood with high-performance MicroDrop filters.


Advantages of the concept

” Any decorative buildings on the front.
„Functionality and universality of the proposed solutions.
” Hygiene of heat treatment process.
” Possibility of any configuration of elements.
” Hygienic and aesthetic made.
” Furniture and equipment made of stainless steel.

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