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Product description

Long Concept is one of the most universal products in our offer. It can be successfully used in bars, restaurants, canteens or anywhere where different dishes are prepared and served in large quantities.

Its equipment includes heating and cooling showcases, where previously prepared products or beverages are displayed. These showcases can be either open – self-service or closed from the customer’s side. Subsequent stands allow you to prepare products directly at the customer’s side. Thanks to our concept, the consumer will never doubt whether the prepared products are fresh, because most of the processing takes place directly in front of the future consumer.

Advantages of the concept

  • Possibility to choose the equipment to suit the size of interiors and meals served.
  • Heating showcases with temperature control.
  • Possibility to personalize neutral elements in the countertop.
  • Aesthetic design, combination of steel, glass and building.
  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Transparent exposition of products.

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