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Product description

The concept, as the name suggests, was developed for the preparation and sale of barbecue chickens. The most important element is the rotisserie, which is a device designed and constructed just for baking and baking poultry. CHICKEN CONCEPT consists mainly of a barbecue and a refrigerated storage cabinet with a capacity of 700l adapted to the GN 2/1 gastronomic containers. The cabinet is equipped with air cooling and automatic defrosting and evaporation of condensate. In addition, the concept also includes a refrigerator table and neutral cabinets of various sizes. The whole is characterized by a monolithic decorative body, functional accessories and a high publishing contour on one of the sides.

Advantages of the concept

  • Good exposure of the product through the lighting of the barbecue chamber.
  • High quality thermal insulation.
  • Aesthetic and hygienic design.
  • Made of high quality components.
  • Evenly toasted inside the barbecue chamber.

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