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Product description

It is an ideal solution for restaurateurs looking for comprehensive equipment in a small space, allowing you to prepare the best burgers in the area. A simple gastronomic concept designed to prepare hot products in a short period of time. It has everything you need: a grill plate, a deep fryer chamber, a french fries heater, a display window for the products on offer, and in the lower part: refrigerated chambers and drawers for semi-finished food products. The concept is extremely ergonomic, but of course we can rebuild it for you. High quality stainless steel meets hygienic requirements and helps to keep clean.

Advantages of the concept

  • Space for storage of products.
  • Four roomy cooled drawers.
  • Easy access to the engine room.
  •  Possibility of front panel installation.
  • Aesthetically pleasing design.
  •  Automatic condensate evaporation system.
  • Electronic controller with cooling temperature control.

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